Farmland WPHH 2020 VANGUARD RACING skeleton series

High-end Geneva watch brand FRANCK MULLER has launched the Vanguard ™ Racing skeleton series, inspired by racing design, which requires the aesthetics of the elegant engine.

Just as the car needs to be carefully tuned, it can be used as a driver. The Vanguard Racing skeleton series has been reinvented by Franck Muller's engineers and designers, adding a durable texture and improving display performance.The watch features an automatic movement and has a lightweight construction, which shows mechanical beauty as a racing engine. Carbon fiber,fake watches titanium metal, aluminum and other body materials showcase the watch's technological aesthetic, fueling competition and getting active.

The Skeleton Vanguard Racing series features hours, minutes, seconds and date display. The central timer of the second hand accurately records the time, with a sapphire-colored smoky mirror, boldly revealing the automatic movement, attracting exquisite craftsmanship.replica watches The second hand indicator starts from zero at the bottom and turns clockwise, reminding the car's tachometer. The main body of the pointer is black and white and the tip is red, so that the seconds can be read from both ends of the second hand, which is convenient for the wearer to interpret. The breath of the battlefield came, awakening the desire to run in my heart.

The watch subverts the traditional spring rod connection process. The strap is cleverly fixed in the case with two screws.It is silent and invisible. The smooth lines of the fins echo the elegant lines of the body. The rubber inside the strap naturally adapts to the shape of the wrist, combining comfort and beauty. Alcantara® suede echoes the racing cabin, giving it a strong sporty feel and luxurious texture.

The Vanguard ™ Racing Skeleton Series is specially designed for racers, with sleek and smooth lines that showcase a complete sporty style and is available in 18K rose gold, stainless steel, titanium metal and carbon fiber.